Birthday Boy

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Sep 17 Sun (10 PM)

Today was my b-day and Amy made it a wonderful one even after all the stuff that’s gone wrong this past week. She gave me a number of very cool presents including a Keyspan Digital Remote(!), a 12″ round tin VW sign, a very cool shirt and more. She always has such great ideas for presents, both big and small. This year I deserved coal but she’s so cool and nice to me.

I also had the pleasure of meeting up with Richard Troy, the founder of the KG Club of North America, today at the Portland Rose Gardens. We had a great time between 11:30 and 1:45pm talking about our cars and looking through an incredible scrap book of photos he had brought. I met his friend Karen and looked at Richard’s ’59 Coupe, including the cool wicker shelf under the front dash, and the dual carb Okrasa fittings.

For someone who should have been the guest, he was a great host, having brought some liquid refreshments, mixed nuts, and even chairs to sit in. 🙂 He patiently gave me a wonderful tour of my own car. (It looks like it was green, then painted yellow and then painted back to green!)


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