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I finally developed a standard navigation bar for the bottom of the pages here. It’s a bit over-done, but I can modify it really easily going forward. I still need to add it to the Mode section of the site.

I started looking around at online journal resources on the web. Amy had told me about the numerous site and web rings that are dedicated to the community that some journaler are part of.

I decided to add Dwelling to a few of the listings and apply to one of the web rings. The rings seem to be pretty exclusive, and Amy has said that there tends to be elitism in some of the groups. I’m not sure why I’ve done this, but I think that most of it is so that I can see what other people are doing with their work.

One thing I’d like to so is put some more detail into my entries. Amy’s been honest with me about what she finds appealing in journals and diaries, and it seems to come down to emotion and depth.

Emotion and depth. It seems like I’m always struggling to add both to my life and interactions with others. I feel like this really becomes an aspect of my work environment. “Professionalism” is just another way of saying “hide yourself.”

In some ways this is okay. People who have to deal with customers are not representing themselves, they are representing the company. Someone’s much more likely to trust a bank teller in a suit than one in a tank top and sneakers.

But when I’m in an environment where the personalities of individuals are going to be part of the work flow, I really think it’s necessary that people are honest, open and themselves.

So I will be more open here, more emotive. and give more depth. That’s always been an underlying aspect of this project, but now, in order to develop it, it will be a bigger part. Wish me luck.


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