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(Tour Notes)

After the Seattle show, we tailed a van to the Four Seasons hotel. The van had the entourage, but then we waited a few minutes then another car came up. Amy got a chance to get Dave to sign a Cassette inlay of the S 86-98.

We did sat in the lounge that Martin, Fletch and the entourage (including Jonathan Kesler) were relaxing in. There was a piano, but Martin didn’t get on it at all, and he took off early with his wife. We stayed until 2:30am or so at the Four Seasons, and then headed back home. I just woke up 10 minutes ago, and I’m supposed to be at work… 🙂

Final tally:

Prague was almost a riot. The open floor was damn near bone crushing. That really detracted from the concert. Portland was _much_ more reserved, but from where I was at, they were more into it than the Seattlites.

However, Martin sang Sister of Night in Seattle. It was incredibly beautiful. Just Martin and Peter, somewhat like they did for Somebody, but Martin was much more into Sister of Night.


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