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Another day, another artery blown out my neck.

Should it really take this kind of war to get a RAID 5 controller working on a computer? What does it mean when NT Setup says it can’t find the oemsetup.inf, yet I can put the disk in another machine, and find it exactly were it should be?

Steam, steam, steam…. I really need to bring some music into work with me next week. Talk about going without!

One of my fav sites: <http://www.slashdot.org> has been getting lots of press lately. “The New Journalism” it’s called. That’s cool, I think. But really, I now want them to pump out their blurbs on XML, have a scriptable XML parser go through it, call me up on my cell phone and read it to me… Too tek? Naa.

Writing zeros to array is… 52% complete


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