Note to Self, in the future

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(Note to Self, in the future)

Be sure that you’re working in a position that plays on your strengths.

I am not an NT Administrator. But I play one in real life. There’s a certain mindset that MS uses in building it’s products. It’s got to be a unique corporate culture that builds the kind of systems and tools that have come out under the Windows series. Unique, not good.

I’m very familiar with Macs and UNIX. There’s an aspect to the logic of how the parts of these systems were built that I understand. It’s the history.

I’ve watched Apple’s OS be built since 6.2, and I’ve had some insight into the culture that produced the tools. The MacOS was built by a culture that at it’s core had a humanistic touch.

I’ve studied that background of UNIX, understanding that this is an OS built by the nerds, of the nerds and for the nerds. This system has always been developed in the interest of efficiency, and typing fewer keys.

But here’s MS caught in the middle. They’ve tried to make an OS for a population that they are not a part of. They are geeks and engineers, but hae tried to make a system that can be used by everyone. Unfortunately, they’ve failed due to one major, overriding aspect: each part the project did it differently.

No time to finish, going apartment hunting.


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