Lots of Plans

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The first day is done. 🙂

It went really well. I think things are really going to come together. I’m finally getting the chance to do what I do really well, along side doing what I love to do.

Translated? I get to be anal and make lots of plans.

Yeah, yeah, I know that sounds weird, but setting up the proper folder structures for files, planning network connections, wiring runs, and databases are entoxicating for me. It’s all an allusion to an illusion of control really. I try to set up order, and then life (aka chaos, aka the dirty side, aka the room with the blue ceiling) comes crawling over the wall and breaks everything apart. It’s a battle, but each side learns how to do it better each go-round.

Well, it’s time for bed. I get a wonderful kiss goodnight from Amy, then I’m set. Nite…

on ward!

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