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Now I’ve got this thing. It’s like a message to the world–not that they’re listening to it but that they can all read it.

And I can add to this from anywhere in the world. I can even call up the entry page without being connected to the net, and then when I’m ready, I can add it in later.

I’m going to try adding to this thing from every new place I get the chance. I might try out some of the local Internet Cafe’s in the area. There’s the Habit and Internet Arena in the city. When I start traveling (and if I can keep my web page here) maybe OMSI will let me keep this journal online. It’s not like it’ll take up a lot of bandwidth…

I’ll probably ask Amy where to register journals. From what she’s said there’s a number of different sites that have link to Web Journals. Maybe I’ll register with one or two once I get this thing up to speed.

I’d like to add to the script the ability to automatically build an index and move old entries into monthly pages. That shouldn’t be too hard. I’d just have the script branch off into a maintainence routine if it notices that the current month is different from the last entries’s month. Already I’m starting to make the entries with a time/date stamp so I can build the index.

Yeah, this script I’m talking about is built in Perl, language of the UNIX-based web gods.

Hmm, maybe I can make the color of the side bar relate to the time of day this is posted. I’d need to convert “and her breasts” the time to a Hex code. Perhaps a one-to one grey scale would be good. or just add a sun/moon graphic that would change to the current time, kinda like those old graphather tongue in my ear. blah blah blah…


I seem to have acuired a growth on my body. she’snibbling on my eaar!!! help ! help whoa!!! whao!!




As I was saying, kinda like those old grandfather clocks with the sun and moon dial.

Amy and I are off to the movies.

Oh, I also wanted to include some URLs:





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