Regex for Links, The Return

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Looks like it finally http://works like I want it to. Simone is racing around the apartment like a mad cat. Here’s the regex I finally worked out:

s/((http|ftp):S*)/<A HREF="1">1</A>/g

If any one has any improvements on it, let me know. hmmm. I should add a mailto in to that alternation area like so:

s/((http|ftp|mailto):S*)/<A HREF="1">1</A>/g

now I can do inline e-mails as well. rosso (with an ‘at’ sign) microsuck.com is an alternate address I have. That’s cool. Well it’s only 11:00 (yes the time/date stamp is off) and I already feel like I got something done today. Oh, and I cleared out some of the older entries that were just testings things. Looks like I’ve got to get that automatic archiving system in place soon.


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