Oblique Barton Fink

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Barton Fink was interesting, if a bit oblique. I didn’t know that it was a Cohen Brothers effort. Amy and I saw Fargo (on the recommendation of her previously (?) conservative mother) a few months ago and We both make references to that film to this day.

Barton Fink however, felt like it kept digging to be allegorical, but I think it hid it’s secondary message a bit too well, if there was indeed one. John Goodman was great. I knew he had done more film work than just Babe, but his screen presence was a real treat.

It was also interesting to see Steve Buscimi. With this film, it makes two actors from Resivior Dogs who have played bell-hops.

I think I’ve figured out how to do the automatic link generation with a regex. I just gotta sit down with my Perl docs at work and pick it out piece by piece. Why didn’t someone work out a version of grep that uses something along the lines of what the character entity does in HTML to make regex easier to work with? Instead of ‘*’ you should be able to put in something like &variable;. Sure it would increase the length of the string, but it would increase the readability by 10 fold.

I’m off to watch my niece and nephew with my brother.


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