Jason and Paul of Clevland

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Been slow on keeping up, but I think I’ll make some more head way now.

I had been hitting a mental block at work. The Forest Puzzles project has just had me burned out, and it was standing in the way of a dozen other project. As of last night and today, however, I finally got some work done on the damn thing. Now I just got to get some photos scanned (which I’m dreading (and putting off) because my flatbed scanner is the most cantankerous piece of equipment I’ve ever dealt with.) Just today I got the final signatures on a new scanner (and a CD Burner!) that should be here in a couple of weeks, god and the finance department willing.

In the mean time, though, I’ve got to finish these photos up and pray that the scanner will be kind to me tonight.

In brighter news, I’m on verge of starting up a project for RODesign. It’s nice to have some outside work that I can throw some energy into. I sometimes feel like I’m beating my head against a wall with some of the politics (no worse than anywhere else, mind you) of an organization.

Today Jason of Clevland and Paul arrived and Amy and I picked them up at PDX. I had to rush off to work of course so Amy’s entertaining them this afternoon. I picked up some tickets for the Thrill Ride IMAX film here at the museum for Friday night. It should be good as both J and P are big rollercoaster fans.


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