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Long day. Attended Amy’s PCOS Support meeting tonight. It had some good information, but I got trapped in the kitchen by a guy going off about his glory days. He seemed nice, but his stories were frightening. It’s a difficult situation to try and get out of.

Saw a great site today: <http://www.cool404.com/> has cool ‘Page Not Found’ pages. Some of them aren’t that great but there were a few pages with some innovative things on them. I worked on OMSI’s error page because of it: <http://www.omsi.edu/qqqqq> will bring it up.

Some other Web design pages I want to check out at some point are: <http://goldray.com/webdesign/design_resources.htm> and <http://goldray.com/webdesign/course-content.htm> but I’ll wait until I get back into work for the T1 access.

I’m so tired. I’ve got to finish reading a few digests, then I’m off to bed.


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