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Sep 09, 2001 The server move is finished and cleaned up. I've double check most links and scripts and everything is working. The re-directs at the old server are in place. I've finally renamed the site to OrderSomewhereChaos.

Aug 04, 2001 Still trouble-shooting some of the changes that have been made due to the server move. The Wiki is back up, but I've got some sub-sites that still need to be tended to.

Jul 26, 2001 We're at the new server! We're finally at

Jul 08, 2001 Updated some of the links in the Portal section. Damn that ever-changing web!

Jun 10, 2001 I've added a Wiki-based discussion system to the entire web site. Use the links at the bottom of each page to comment publicly about that page.

Mar 18, 2001 My Journal has moved. I've finally got it transfered over to This has been a few months in coming.

Feb 23, 2001 The 'Tools' section of the WebDev area has received so many hits that I've added it to the Main Nav bar on the left. I've also added a new utility that I found, the Joliet Volume Access extension from one of the engineers at Adaptec/Roxio. Great stuff.

Feb 11, 2001 It's like some sort of fog is lifting. Success begets success, and another rise begins. I repaired a lot of pages that were broken from the DNS stuff/server transfer back in September. I've got to get this site over to a new server!

Jan 24, 2000 For Placement Only goes lickable, acquiring a new look from a certain computer company. The site may be renamed Velva. New What's New section replaces the previous, horrid Table of Contents page. The Contents have been relegated to the navigation bar.

Dec 20, 1999 A new articles on Directory Navigation for people who have not used command line interfaces.

Nov 25, 1999 Some thoughts on the Elements of Branding packages and the steps to get there.

Oct 03, 1999 Initial pages for Nick Cave and Newton sections.

Sep 18, 1999 New Fall Syllabus for Web Graphics class posted.

Aug 23, 1999 Collected Salary Data for Web Developers

Aug 20, 1999 On Structured Code In WebDev

Aug 03, 1999 FPO Portal Opened


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