Depeche Mode in
Space Ghost Coast To Coast

The Cartoon Network revived Space Ghost, bumbling space superhero from the 60's to host a talk show. The show is apparently very funny, though I've never seen it myself. If some would like to send me a tape, I'd be happy to give it a try though.

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Home was the most recently released single from dM when this promotional album became available. The liner notes are as follows:

Take us there. These Modern Rock founding fathers are in top form on this redemptive track, with singer Dave Gagan's richly enotional vocals in powerful relief against a symphonic-yet-danceable musical backdrop. Gahan's recent tribulations have, if anything, added depth and poignancy to the material. The Mode is where the heart is.

Those with a clue will note that the vocals are actually by Martin, not by Dave and I've got to say that Home is not a 'danceable' track. Maybe a slow-dance track but hardly something to spin in a nightclub.

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Series Premire:

Soundtrack Released:

C. Martin Croker

Produced by:
Keith Crofford

Internet Movie Database Entry:
"Space Ghost Coast to Coast" (1994)

Depeche Mode song used:


Old-time superhero Space Ghost retires from the life-saving business and recruits his (imprisoned) nemesises Zorak and Moltar to assist him in his new life: as a late night talk show host. (Birdman was to be the host, but it was discovered that he could not function after dark without the solar energy.) (Joe Pranevich)


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