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Recent News, Announcements and Additions to Web100:

11/03/97 - I have put up the new Kyocera FAQ. Ron Lutz put this together recently and sent me a copy. There is information about the whole Kyocera line of portables. This used to be the Nec8201a Faq, so there is some good info about that machine in the FAQ.

- I have also put up the 8085 page

- There is a mirror of this site at my Geocities home page. I will keep these sites synced, so you can use which ever one loads faster for you. This Geocities account will also help Web100 survive when I move my own site, www.dillernet.com around-- which happens frequently, as we all know!

- If you have a M100 site please consider joining the Tandy WebRing. If you don't know what these WebRings are-- check out the 'home' site for them. Its a great way to link up sites that have a similar interest. You can jump around a ring from site to site. I have created a ring for Tandy portable sites-- but we need five sites to join to get listed in the WebRing site. You won't see the Tandy ring there until we can get 5 site so join up.

Here is my page about doing this for the M100 sites.

11/02/97 - The new, revamped Web100 is up-- and your reading it! Please let me know if you find anything funny, or even if you like these pages.

Of course, if you have anything to add please don't hesitate to email me and let me know about it.

Check out the LINKS section-- that by far has the most additions. I found tons of interesting M100 related links. All the pages have been updated and cleaned up, and now I am trying to incorporate some new pages. But please send me anything you have-- I can always use more info.

The Hardware Pages are NOT up yet, but they are simply a grouping my device of the DOCUMENTS Section-- so there will be nothing new with them, just a diffent access. The DOCUMENTS Section has links to every bit of info that I have available here on Web100.


Web100: What's behind it all

These pages support the free exchange of information concerning the Tandy line of laptop computers: the Model 100, Model 200 and the Model 102. These computers were part of a larger family of laptops designed by Kyocera in Japan around 1983. They are all based around the Intel 8085 8 bit microprocessor-- the last of Intel's 8 bits. Other laptops close in the 'family tree' are the NEC & Olivetti models.

There is info here about the Kyocera family line, the 8085 CPU that runs them and the Model 100/102/200. You'll encounter a growing amount of specifications and information about the peripherals for these machines. There is also software here, hacking & programming tips, and file transfer info.

Although these computers were a fabulous hit and extremely popular in their prime the mystery remains as to why they were never upgraded or developed further. The 102 was an attempt at this, but little was done to actually make it more usable.

These pages are for anyone who has, or who may be looking into purchasing one of these computers. With the passage of time and the changing of hands many of these machines come to new owners with out the proper documentation! These pages are an attempt to rectify that situation, and also to allow current owners new insights into the fullest use of their Tandy portables.



The Discovery Channel did a piece on the Tandy Portables. Cyberlife, on 10/18/96 (the show was also aired on 10/19 and 10/20), gave a neat but short look at the Tandy Portables. The segment featured Richard Hanson, of Club100 fame extolling the still present virtues of the these useful computers.

Of course, the segment used some brief shots of these exquisite M100 web pages...


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