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Enjoy these links. Please email me if you know of some that are not listed here.

Pages that deal with the Tandy Laptops

Club 100
Jon Chan’s Wiedstuff Site
Using the 102 resduces stress!

Obsolete Computer Museum
(OCM’s M100 Page)

Carl Friend’s Minicomputer Museum
Carl Friend’s Tandy M100 page

Merch’s M100 listserv
CIS’s Tandy Forum, you need CIS software to access

Phillip Dubois Computer Collection
Phillip Dubois M100 page (in French)

Krisbee's Home Page: Old School Computers
M200 Info?????
M600 Faq, by Larry Kollar (lekollar@nyx.net)
Laptop Word Processors in the Classroom, by Helen C. Barrett
A brief history of Radio Shack Computers
Classic Gadgets:Passion for Computers Drives Today's Techies
Very Tiny History of Portable Computers
Large Rez Microscope Photo of 8085
The Machine Room “old Computer Database”, by Alexios Chouchoulas, machroom@vennea.demon.co.uk
M100’s Page at the Machine Room
Techno's Model 100 Page
8085 8-Bit HMOS Microprocessor
Past Intel Microprocessors


On Line Magazine Reprints & News

Micro80 Magazine Repository, dgould@raider.grcc.cc.mi.us
Cyberlife’s show on the Model 100


People's Home Pages that use the Tandy Portables

Jack Sterling: Architectural & Editorial Photographer
Terry Kepner, (Of Portable 100 fame) online resume
People Helping One Another Know Stuff, comp.sys.tandy resource
Tom Hodges Home page
Pat Ellison’s Roots with the Model 100 and BBSing
David Fetrow, Systems Programmer
Bill Gates programs the M100
Tandys Donated to African Journalists
Jo Campbell’s article on using the M100 in Africa



Microprocessor Architecture, Programming and Applications with the 8085


Model 100's In the News

Flashback: The PC revolution, 1985
Cyberlife’s show on the Model 100
Bill Gates programs the M100


Radio Shack TRS-80 Computer Pages

Lots of Model 1.2.3 emulators, Lots of Model 1.2.3 emulators
TRS-80 Page, Pete Cervasio / cervasio@airmail.net
Pete Cervaso’s Germany Mirror of his TRS80 site


Model 100 CLONES !!!

The Alpha Smart Pro, A M100 clone?
Info about the Alpha Smart Computer
DreamWriter, another Educational M100 Clone by NEC
Company Info on NTS the makers of DreamWriter
NTS’s Official DreamWriter Page

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