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Model 100 Quick Reference Manual

The scanned in "Pocket Manual" that came with the Model 100 computer.  Most of the data here pertains to the M200 and the M100

Model 200 Telecom Manual

The scanned in Telecom Manual from the M200 manual set. Most of the info here also pertains to the M100 and the M102

PDD2 Manual

This is the actual scanned in manual that comes with the Portable Disk Drive 2.

Patching DOS

This explains how to enhance FLOPPY.CO on a PDD2. by Mike Nugent

PDD2 Sectors

The use of Direct Sector addressing with the Portable Disk Drive2 & FLOPPY.COM

Observations on the PDD2

Tips on using the Portable Disk Drive 2 on the Road

Portable Disk Drive Command Reference

The Reference Guide for the commands available in the 'intelligent' PDD and PDD2 Disk Drives

Zero Sector

A Map of the Zeroth Sector on the PDD2

Booting the PDD

How to Boot an original Portable Disk Drive

Chapter 4 of the Disk Video Interface Manual

Chapter 4 deals with booting the DVI

Bar Code Writer

Manual for the Bar Code readers included software from Tandy

Intel CPU Preface

Paper on the wonders of the CPU (in 1980)

Intel CPU Functions

What does that little thingie do?

8085a Specifications

The Intel document for the 8085a

Intel Family

A piece about the Intel CPU line

CPU Glossary

A CPU GLossary

M200 RAM

How to add your own RAM to the M200

M100 Specs

Specifications for the Model 100 from the Users Manual


Hints, Tips & Information

Kyocera FAQ

by Ron Hopkins-Lutz (his new one is coming soon)


ASCII codes for M100 - and M200, 102


A Ton of hints and tips and cool stuff for the M100


How to use your M100/200/102 as a UNIX terminal


Wired Magazine's write up of the M100

M200 Transfer

Directions and programs for file-trans on Wintel and M200



Assemby Tutorial

Assembly tutorial for the 8085 CPU


Tips on efficient BASIC programming

M100 Pokes

Use the ROM in your BASIC programs

Mystery Programming

Undocumented features of Tandy BASIC

Hackers Guide

The Hackers Guide to the Model 100


Software Documentation (jump to the Software Page)

A85 Docs

Documentation for the A85 cross assembler


Documentation for the Macintosh Transfer Program

PDD 2.10

Documentation for the PDD 2.10 Utility


Docs and BASIC listing of 'Quicken' for the M100/200/102


Listing and short descriptions of Leonard Erickson's M100 BASIC archive.

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