@jimmer49 @omariA_P @ThornsFC (The closest…

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@jimmer49 @omariA_P @ThornsFC (The closest I've gotten to HS sports was the pep band for boys and girls basketball… https://t.co/sApqfrSsL8

@Muzzakh Antifa isn’t a single…

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@Muzzakh Antifa isn't a single group. It's a conglomerate of independent investment groups and franchises. The corp… https://t.co/fYOFQkVgYG

RT @rossolson: @ehurtley Remember, you’re…

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@ehurtley Remember, you're the COO of a set of Antifa franchises. After the BLM spin-off, Antifa Corporate has redu… https://t.co/2RYRWvi0Ee

@absurdistwords You’re right. However you’ve…

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@absurdistwords You're right. However you've written "withdrawing" as if it's as an action I've put effort into. It… https://t.co/O8Zo8gppL9

@Caterjunes The same way you…

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@Caterjunes The same way you declare 'war' on drugs or terror. With similar results.


@jimmer49 @omariA_P @ThornsFC The women…

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@jimmer49 @omariA_P @ThornsFC The women play in a SYSTEM that pays them less not because of their (obvious) intrins… https://t.co/SCtiKLThIi

@jimmer49 @omariA_P @ThornsFC Let me…

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@jimmer49 @omariA_P @ThornsFC Let me try another approach. Do you think that the average MLS player is 5 times bett… https://t.co/F5d3Bkvuh1


@omariA_P @jimmer49 @ThornsFC I suppose…

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@omariA_P @jimmer49 @ThornsFC I suppose we should list the Black men and women that were still in their seatbelts?… https://t.co/c4ymk1HqSi

@omariA_P @jimmer49 @ThornsFC Or Breonna…

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@omariA_P @jimmer49 @ThornsFC Or Breonna Taylor?


@textfiles OMG! Which Twitter UI…

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@textfiles OMG! Which Twitter UI has auto-hyphenation like that?!?!

Is it a special localized version for Imaginationland?