Time for a new beginning.…

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Time for a new beginning. Okay everyone let me know what you've got going! I’m on the job hunt. #pdxjobs


@emilychangtv Saw your Sorkin i’view:…

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@emilychangtv Saw your Sorkin i'view: it was wonderful. Good Qs; never pushy—always friendly (even w/ struggles) you had him at ease. Bravo.


The world needs more commas.…

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The world needs more commas. RT @brainpicker: …best New York Times correction ever – EVER. http://t.co/mVjvliecGC


RT @starenova: Turns out Kitten…

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RT @starenova: Turns out Kitten…

Turns out Kitten makes a great nap buddy! http://t.co/HVFXL6FeQn


@JasondeVilliers so kind of you,…

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@JasondeVilliers so kind of you, my pleasure. Wish list? My 4yo meeting DJLR&Co at Portland show or access to the YGG pilots eps. : )


@JasondeVilliers hey Jason, FYI, I…

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@JasondeVilliers hey Jason, FYI, I finally finished the YGG ep list on Wikipedia. Let me know what you think.


And now @444goal @timbersfc from…

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And now @444goal @timbersfc from…

And now @444goal @timbersfc from the opposite view. Let's go Timbers! #rctid http://t.co/0aNiShGgx8


RT @Spacekatgal: Announcement: I AM…

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Announcement: I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE. I am going to keep making games. And I will keep speaking up for women in gamedev.

@KuraFire RTE will only happen…

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@KuraFire RTE will only happen when HTML becomes as hidden as PostScript.


14,000+ spam comments in the…

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14,000+ spam comments in the last hour. Wow. WordPress really is a big target. Akismet filter caught all but 9. Woot!