Worst Driving Day of 2009

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In bullet point form:

* Three early morning feedings, pre 7am

* 7am: Amy in horrible acute pain

* 8am: All of us out the door and to the OHSU ER

* 11am: Discharge from OSHU following IV pain reliever and ‘possible’ diagnosis

* 1pm: Sudden snowstorm sweeps into Portland

* 2:30pm: James and I head out to Hillsboro to get cash to make up for my skipped pay check (Unpaid Family leave)

* 4pm: 30 minute drive takes 90 minutes today. (Having a credit union with offices near where you work makes more sense when you’re actually working at the office.)

* 4:30pm: Head home from Hillsboro, via TV Hwy, hoping higher-traffic roads will remain safer.

* 6pm: 4 miles and an hour and a half later, James and I stop at @jockmurphy’s home and have a spot of hospitality.

* 7:30pm: Back on the road, decide to take the more-flat Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy rather than chance the elevations of the Sunset Hwy.

* 9:30pm: Averaging 5 miles an hour our jouney finally finishes back at home.

This was crazy. I couldn’t believe some of the insane drivers both too cautious and overly confident.


Twitter Updates for 2009-12-30

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  • Running a necessary errand in Hillsboro… In the snow! #


Twitter Updates for 2009-12-26

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Twitter Updates for 2009-12-25

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  • A wish for everyone: more peace, less angst, fewer rules, and more good deeds. Merry Christmas to you from James and his family. #


Twitter Updates for 2009-12-24

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  • RT @jenniferdavis: Planar is looking for an online marketing ninja in Portland. Know anyone? http://is.gd/5zi75 #


Twitter Updates for 2009-12-20

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  • These days I often wake up and find pictures on my cameraphone of James asleep on top of me as I'm sleeping. #iphonegnomes #


Twitter Updates for 2009-12-19

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  • Parenting PROTIP: when sorting dirty diapers, use the Poo-ey Decimal System. #


Twitter Updates for 2009-12-18

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  • AWESOME: RT @WV2010: Our Fri. keynote is @Merlinmann, the creator of 43folders.com… #
  • Unexpected madskillz from taking care of James: UNIdexterity and the ability to pour exactly 2 fluid ounces of water. #
  • Additional mindwarp-age: the iPhone battery indicator now reminds me of a baby bottle. And I think that’s cute. #


Twitter Updates for 2009-12-17

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  • You would think that one would notice the difference between a baby bottle and a water bottle before it got near ones mouth… #toosleepy #


Twitter Updates for 2009-12-16

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  • Researching “Happiest Baby on the Block” advice book and DVD, recommended by our pediatrician. Any thoughts, my tweeps? #
  • Looking for severe postpartum depression resources in Portland. Drs, groups, etc. Will compile, please RT. #postpartumpdx #
  • Thanks @Abellamiento but we're looking more for personal recommendations and suggestions rather than PageRank heavy weights. in reply to Abellamiento #