Lazyweb Request: Contoured, split-layout keyboard with Bluetooth

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Another lazyweb request, though this will be more of a request for search, or rattle the cage of a couple of manufacturers… (I’m looking at you Logitech)…

I just want a contoured, split-layout keyboard with Bluetooth.

Contoured – The keys rise a bit in the middle, kinda like the keys are sitting on a miniature pitcher’s mound.

Split layout – there’s some spacing and a bit of an angle between the right and left hand side of the keys to accommodate those of us with adult-sized shoulders and arms.

Bluetooth – My next machine *will* have bluetooth come hell or high water.

Nick Finck has been looking for this too. The closest I can find is the Logitech Cordless Comfort Pro… but it doesn’t have Bluetooth… so you’ve got to lug around this USB receiver… which is huge. Bah!

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