@scottcowley That’s wonderful news Scott!…

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@scottcowley That’s wonderful news Scott! Congratulations! Keep us posted on when the electronic version is available!

@kevin2kelly The principles are similar…

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@kevin2kelly The principles are similar to why I’ve never been able to decide on a tattoo.


@Mach_Dent Can this be one…

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@Mach_Dent Can this be one of the AppleTV vids?


RT @e4moji: If I had…

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If I had a nickel for every time I got confused, I'd be like "where'd this nickel come from?" and then there'd be a… https://t.co/fYsS8CkmNn


Three animations from James: https://t.co/d5IhvxHpW9…

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Three animations from James: https://t.co/d5IhvxHpW9 using @OSnapPhotoApp and mostly Minecraft Lego bricks.


@redsmokeradio @NWSLNews I u to

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@redsmokeradio @NWSLNews I u to

@EmilyGorcenski I recently found a…

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@EmilyGorcenski I recently found a similar ideation in the definition of sexism and racism as "bias + power". What… https://t.co/4WbfBil08G


RT @julian_west: For the network…

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RT @julian_west: For the network…

For the network nerds… https://t.co/cPdmsYMu8h


@3yeAmHe I’m pretty well over…

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@3yeAmHe I'm pretty well over my Macromedia Flash 3 Bible. ?


Would you be more surprised…

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Would you be more surprised by dirigible gerbils or gerbil dirigibles?