DTV Converter Box Plans

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My Digital Television Converter Box coupons are about to expire. I went ahead and bought the Insignia from Best Buy a couple weeks ago, and I’m reasonably happy with it. I wish I had done a bit more research to see what options are available and thought about what our needs are and will be. […]


DTV Converters: Part II

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Be sure to read the previous entry of the for the proper background. I was thwarted in my attempts to get the Channel Master CM-7000 or the Philco. Instead I ended up with the Zenith DTT901. The ‘1’ means that it has the Analog Pass-Thru capability which is as simple as you can possibly imagine. […]


The Other Digital Transition

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So you know all about the Broadcast Digital TV conversion that has happened. The original 2004 deadline was delayed ultimately till June 2009 for mandatory shut off of the analog signals. I had a couple posts about the Set Top “Coupon Eligible Converter Boxes” (aka “CECBs”). These are mandated boxes that allow viewers to convert […]