Now and forevermore. https://t.co/d3R2nNl043

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Now and forevermore. https://t.co/d3R2nNl043


@angieherrera @mikemella Sorry, I was…

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@angieherrera @mikemella Sorry, I was inserting myself in a thread I wasn’t invited to. Feel free to ignore me.

@mikemella @angieherrera I appreciate the…

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@mikemella @angieherrera I appreciate the sentiment but I’d offer that adding an ethics component would take this f… https://t.co/hx0UASuHvQ


“People can sometimes change their…

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“People can sometimes change their religion, but they can’t change their football club.” — Sir Bob Murray (NE Times Mgzn, 1 Sep 2018) #rctid


@alistapart On the latest Typesetting…

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@alistapart On the latest Typesetting article there are: 4 spams and 1 real comment. As a former author on ALA, is… https://t.co/9VdCy7YpF1


Everyone (in US): take a…

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Everyone (in US): take a couple seconds to confirm your voter registration: https://t.co/X9UlrV6gBO (It took me lit… https://t.co/4hvnQAjzH5

@PdxCowbell @_loveallthis Throw in “It’s…

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@PdxCowbell @_loveallthis Throw in “It’s A Wonderful Life” and you’ll have the trilogy of misery.


@_loveallthis It’s a horror story.…

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@_loveallthis It’s a horror story. Always has been.


Can we get @Lopez_Roro back…

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Can we get @Lopez_Roro back to pull some of these “fallen” Whitecraps off the pitch? #rctid

@rustedtraveler Keming

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@rustedtraveler Keming