The Art of Human Computer Interface Design

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Home and finally done for the day. The meeting for the Webmaster’s group was a lot of fun. But I think I may have been a bit too enthusiastic. I started going off about virtually every aspect of developing the OMSI web site from the Server Side Includes to the CGIs that I’ve worked up. I asked a couple of times if the other people there minded me just digging into the aspects of these web pages. They encouraged me to keep going, but they may have just been being nice.

Amy says she pointed a link to my journal in her journal at < <http://www.spiritone.com/~giovanni/> >. Tit-for-tat… 🙂

Oh, books I’ve been reading: The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design which is basically a manifesto by Apple circa 1990. Also Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, which is an O’Reiley book, plus all the usual web journals:





and I’d like to read <http://www.builder.com/> from c|net, but I can’t stand how slow their web pages render. Waaaaay too many tables. (Can you see I’m getting a lot of use out of this auto URL linking?)

I wonder if/when my family will find this journal.



Patterning and Journaling

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To do today: Drop off the bills, drop off the rent, drop off the budget projection, drop off Riven.

Oh and try to catch up on my e-mail. It’s been seriously backlogged.

Just in case anyone cares, this journal has been modeled on <http://www.scripting.com/> and a few other journals I’ve seen. I still want to do something with that side bar color.



Regex for Links, The Return

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Looks like it finally http://works like I want it to. Simone is racing around the apartment like a mad cat. Here’s the regex I finally worked out:

s/((http|ftp):S*)/<A HREF="1">1</A>/g

If any one has any improvements on it, let me know. hmmm. I should add a mailto in to that alternation area like so:

s/((http|ftp|mailto):S*)/<A HREF="1">1</A>/g

now I can do inline e-mails as well. rosso (with an ‘at’ sign) microsuck.com is an alternate address I have. That’s cool. Well it’s only 11:00 (yes the time/date stamp is off) and I already feel like I got something done today. Oh, and I cleared out some of the older entries that were just testings things. Looks like I’ve got to get that automatic archiving system in place soon.



Great Coloring

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Well, I popped into work to see how this thing looks… I like it. The color’s a bit dark still on that side bar but it’s getting there. Amy was expecting me home half an hour ago. I better get going!

My brother and I took his kids out to a kids’ workshop at the local home improvement warehouse. The seemed to have a lot of fun. My brother seems upset that they aren’t adults yet. 🙁 Maybe I just have more patience because I’m not raising them.


Entry Form Upgrade

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Added a few more tweaks to the script. I’ve got the password code in place, just commented out till I can test it.

I’ve updated the line break logic. now hitting return twice puts in a P tag and a single puts in a BR tag.

That better follows my style of writing e-mails.

Oh, and I broke up the page into separate tables for each entry. that should up the display speed quite a bit.

Of course all these modifications will improve the entry forms at OMSI that I’ve setup for the staff to update pages.


Proper Regular Expression for Links

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oops. I need to escape those > and < characters in my notes as well.

s/((http|ftp):/+.*)$<A HREF="1">1</A>


Regular Expression for Links

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My first attempt at a regex that will convert the links on the fly:


I’m sure there’s some characters that need to escaped in there. I’ll get to them at work.

It seems as though the time on these entries is forward an hour or two. I’ll have to check with Brendan to see what’s up. That would explain why the rat cam always seems ahead on it’s time stamp.


Oblique Barton Fink

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Barton Fink was interesting, if a bit oblique. I didn’t know that it was a Cohen Brothers effort. Amy and I saw Fargo (on the recommendation of her previously (?) conservative mother) a few months ago and We both make references to that film to this day.

Barton Fink however, felt like it kept digging to be allegorical, but I think it hid it’s secondary message a bit too well, if there was indeed one. John Goodman was great. I knew he had done more film work than just Babe, but his screen presence was a real treat.

It was also interesting to see Steve Buscimi. With this film, it makes two actors from Resivior Dogs who have played bell-hops.

I think I’ve figured out how to do the automatic link generation with a regex. I just gotta sit down with my Perl docs at work and pick it out piece by piece. Why didn’t someone work out a version of grep that uses something along the lines of what the character entity does in HTML to make regex easier to work with? Instead of ‘*’ you should be able to put in something like &variable;. Sure it would increase the length of the string, but it would increase the readability by 10 fold.

I’m off to watch my niece and nephew with my brother.



Why This Journal

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I’ll probably be using this for sending myself notes back and forth from home and work.

I’ve got figure out more about GREP strings. I’m using GREP to parse out the line returns and put in paragraph tags, but I’d like there to be a difference between a single line return and a double line return. So far I’ve always found someone else’s grep string and then just modified it. I think I just oughta sit down with my Perl books.


Properly Placed

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Those last few tweaks really cleaned the whole thing up. I’m glad I didn’t have to resort to a horizontal rule or some such device.

It seems like properly placed white space can do such a better job of laying out information for quick reading.