26 December 2009: The Day We Make Contact

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Amy and I are excited to announce that in the next few months, a new member will be joining our family. We’re not sure about gender or really too much about the pregnancy so far, but we have gotten through the first round of ultrasounds. At week 12, the whole thing is looking pretty good. In late December, we’ll be waiting for Santa to drop off the whole package.

I’ve been keeping some rough notes as we’ve gone along:

Week 3-6: At-home pregnancy tests are coming up positive. 10 to 12 off-the-shelf home tests used. 

Week 7: 1st prenatal appointments made for week 8. Massive blood loss on Wednesday evening leaves us thinking we had a miscarriage. Canceled the prenatal appointments.

Week 8: Miscarriage expected, baby found instead. “Strong heartbeat”, says the doctor. First time we saw the heartbeat on ultrasound. 

Week 10: Ultrasound shows 2 weeks of growth in 2 weeks. Saw arms and legs move on ultrasound. Looks like corpus c. is on right ovary.    

Week 11/12 plan: High-tech ultrasound screening scheduled, geneticist consult scheduled, blood sugar check, nurse practitioner mtg.

Week 12: Nurse (blood sugar/insulin), genetic consult, need insulin supplies. Call this week.  Nuchal translucency ultrasound screening set for for Friday. That Friday: Full scan done too. Nasal bone looks good. 12wk4d by measure. Screening is clear.

So we’re heading into week 13. As Amy and I are relative late-comers to this whole parenting thing, we’ve been very concerned about the possible genetic issues that might occur; it looks like we’re clear. This was the reasons why we’ve taken so long to mention it, and one of the big reasons I haven’t been posting to my journal here.

I’ve got a ton of people to let know and if this is the first you’ve heard about it, don’t be surprised or put off. We’ve been keeping this more quiet than normal and as you might imagine, we’re putting a lot of plans together to prepare for everything.

I may document some more stuff here later, if I think it will be interesting to all four of you who read this. We’ve got 20 or so sonograms that I can share with you if you’re interested in looking at blurry grey dots on a black background that may or may not resemble some under-developed body part. I, of course, have already set one as the background on my phone.

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