HIV in Bodily Fluids

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After a certain point, this just seems cruel:

Integrating modes of learning with the HIV prevention message (Abstract)

PROJECT: The three main styles of learning are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile. Reading the written words on the board allows the visual learner to process the information. Hearing the song allows the auditory learner to absorb the information. Singing a song provides an opportunity for the kinesthetic/tactile learner to get the body involved receive the information. The goal is to have students remember the four body fluids that transmit HIV from one person to another. To the tune of “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat”, use the following lyrics: THERE ARE FOUR FLUIDS THAT PASS THE AIDS VIRUS, BLOOD IS ONE, SEMEN IS TWO, MOTHER’S MILK AND VAGINAL FLUIDS. Repeat five times or until the whole group is familiar with the song. Then split the large group into smaller groups and perform it in rounds.

RESULTS: Student often come back to class the next day complaining that they cannot get the song out of their heads. Goal achieved: Vital information retained.

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