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It turns out that one of Johnny Cash’s daughters, Tara, lives in Portland. The Portland Tribune had this in a sidebar as part of an interview with her this week.

Life Lessons

In 2000, Johnny and June Carter Cash called their big family to the Carter home in Virginia for what they called Grandchildren Week. For it, Tara Cash of Portalnd prepared this list she calls “The Lessons I learned From My Father.”

  • Ice cream tastes so much better churned on the front porch of an old home in the country surrounded by a lot of loved ones.
  • It’s far better to pile into a Jeep with 10 others singing “Children Go Where You Send Thee” than it is to watch television.
  • You’ll never find arrowheads in an old creek bed if you don’t spend quite a lot of time looking for them.
  • Watermelon tastes better with salt on it.
  • Mistletoe is abundant in the woods, and it’s free if you have a shotgun.
  • Silence and humming can say volumes more than words.
  • Always throw the small perch back.
  • It’s always best to end a fine day with a bowl of ice cream.
  • Always talk to your worm when baiting a hook with it.
  • When passing cows, always greet them.
  • Stick to the rules, then break them.
  • If something is stolen from you, let it go. Then buy 40 of whatever it was to replace it and put them everywhere.
  • Children should skinny-dip and catch fireflies.
  • Sometimes your closet can be the coziest place in the world.
  • There really are such things as comfort foods, and you should have them every day.
  • Chili tastes better when cooked at 60 miles per hour.
  • Expect to be respected.
  • Always kiss your babies on the lips.
  • If you see clean, clear water trickling out of a mountain, stop and take a drink.
  • When you order soft ice cream at a drive-through, you must eat it in under three minutes.
  • Wearing black really does make you look thinner.
  • You’re never too old to be cool.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to retype that. I got smart and found the original article online.

I wanted to keep this around, but so did Amy. She’s clipping it out of the paper and keeping it on her desk.

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