I got I pod

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My paycheck from my PSU class came in yesterday night.

I bought an iPod this afternoon. The first store I went to was sold out. The second store said they had 100 on hand. Now they have 99.

Playing with it has led me to the following conclusion: It is the most advanced form of recorded audio technology in existence. It’s got the whole package when it comes to audio clarity, power supply, storage, physical size, interfaces and aesthetic. It will be in my Fetish section (new window).

Two things that must be noted:

1) The screen itself is a work of art. The pixels per inch on the screen must hit upwards of 120 dpi. This is amazing. Although the screen is the secondary output device on importance, it’s given the kind of quality that you would hope. Color would be nice, but it would offer no additional value in terms of the device’s function or aesthetic.

2) The industrial design of the device is art like, right down to the vertical symmetry that occurs with the headphones plugged in. The plug is in the center of the top panel, equally flanked by the firewire port and the ‘hold’ switch. And there’s an underlying female energy (new window) to it, as opposed to some other products (new window).

Now if I can rescue some mail I accidently deleted, upgrade from MacOS 9.1 to 9.2.1, and get IE5 to work again, I will be a happy camper.

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