Star Lights, Star Brights

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A lot of stars were out last night. Wonderfully beautiful.

It was the Leonid show last night and since it was the night of a New Moon and it was a Saturday night, everything was aligned to go watch them, which we did, out at Rooster Rock.

Heh, heh. Rooster Rock… Yeah. Ask me about that place sometime.

Anyway, Amy and I watched the stars from the hood of the Honda which was warm from the drive and kept me toasty.

This was all after I went to the 5th Year Party for http://www.bornmagazine.org and saw Gabe (who leads the thing), Molly, David and his friend James. The one person I really expected to see what Nick Finck, but he was there earlier than I was and had left by the time I arrived.

Any why had I arrived so late? Because I’m so hopelessly devoted to Depeche Mode that I sat through 2 and a half mind-numbing hours of the MTV Europe Video Music Awards to see their performance of Never Let Me Down Again, and got it recorded to VHS. That didn’t happen until 11:30pm. I walked over to the party which lasted till about 1:00am. It was pretty cool, being held in the basement of It’s a Beautiful Pizza.

It’s was strange for me. When I first heard that BornMag was going to have a party I figured it would be in NY or DC or SF. Then it turns out to be 12 blocks from my house. Very cool. 🙂

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