A Busy weekend… already!

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Aug 26 Sat (01 PM)

Last night I went to hear Ralph Nader speak at the Memorial Coliseum. I’m glad I went for the content, cause Nader just doesn’t have much speaking ability. At least not in the ability to rally a crowd… If he did, he’d be able to really scare the Gore campaign. Nader’s group might do this in spite of Nader himself.

This morning I’ve added some material to my Ghia pages, and I’ve finally gotten around to completing the navigation bar problem where the graphics weren’t set up to expand all that well. This was fine as long as I didn’t try to nest my sections too deep or have long titles, but it realy didn’t look to professional. It’s been on one of my to-do lists for months, and now I’m much happier with the site overall.

For the Ghia, I’ve got to go out and check the oil. then I’ve *got* to track down an auto wrecker that will do away with the old Civic… I need to get this done before the end of the month elsewise Amy and I are going to be paying another month’s of insurance on it.


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