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Dec 21 Tue (01 PM)

I’ve posted a new article to the WebDev section. This one was written in response to a question that was posted to an HTML list I’m on. It was obviously written by someone who had no experience with command-line interfaces, and because they didn’t understand the meanings of ‘.’, ‘..’ and ‘/’, they didn’t understand how these relate to HTML, web servers, file structures and document trees.

They’re all very strange concepts unless you have really good diagrams (which my article could use), or a chance to play with the directories in a command-line interface yourself. You can make sure you’ve got a grasp on them by starting here:


I’ve also changed the style sheet for the site, adding more line spacing. If it looks weird, let me know. It’s difficult to test this stuff on so many different platforms. At work, we’ve drawn up ‘The ultimate chart of Browser testing’ and there are over 300 potential testing situation based on browser, version, OS, OS version, screen size, depth, and connection speed, plus. Perhaps that’s worth an article.

Bo dropped me a line in regards to my last entry noting that it seemed like a serious case of ‘I, Borg’, referring to the famous Star Trek episode where Picard gets assimilated. Sometimes that’s what it feels like. Plug in that management module and throw me back into my cube.


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