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Nov 17 Wed (09 AM)

Each night this week I’ve been watching the documentary series on PBS, ‘New York’. It’s been completely enthralling, highlighting aspects of the culture that spawned such an enormous city in such a short time.

It’s rather appropriate as well, as one of my co-workers, (and if we had hung out together a bit more very likely a friend) is returning to his home town of NY, NY this week. Yesterday in fact was the last time he’ll be in the office, picking up the last remenants of his work space and packing up and shipping his G3 Mac back to his new home.

(Note to self: if I ever move cross country, Amtrack apparently will ship 2000 pounds of material for just $700. Wow.)

Eric has been a wonderful foil for my own work, and we had established a good interaction. We’ve got two people coming in to replace him, neither of which have his full range of media skills, but then again, we’re not paying well enough to get someone like that.

There have been some big promises of huge projects on the horizon at work but it all feels like tilting at windmills at this point. Others have been whispering in my ears of late. I’m comfortable for now, so I’m not taking an agressive posture. But I do hate waiting for life to happen rather than happening to life.

Good luck Eric! Great way to be aggressive…


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