@ziniesq @RandyRainbow https://t.co/5Ag4LPmMQ2

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@ziniesq @RandyRainbow https://t.co/5Ag4LPmMQ2


RT @BenMcKenzieArt: The finished Cascadia…

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The finished Cascadia design! You can shop for them here.

#cascadia #northwest #outdoors… https://t.co/Ra7Vv8aPwt

My nerdCore band name is…

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My nerdCore band name is going to be “Hegemony of Homogeny”. It joins my Dark Ska band name of “Enthusinasia”.


RT @rossolson: RT @rossolson: Good…

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RT @rossolson: Good day to remind myself of historical trends that no “administration” can stop: https://t.co/IBhVvDfwVt


RT @ftbllrswanimals: Lionel Messi willing…

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RT @ftbllrswanimals: Lionel Messi willing…

Lionel Messi willing to die to protect this goat https://t.co/mSSRwCdLO7


RT @starenova: Wow. A lot…

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RT @starenova: Wow. A lot more police and security goons patrolling our section. You know, just in case someone dec… https://t.co/05y2aShkqi

Dear MLS… https://t.co/P0qw1V8c1Z —…

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Dear MLS… https://t.co/P0qw1V8c1Z — This is the text of the email I sent to feedback@mlssoccer.com and to my ticket rep. #rctid

Dear MLS

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Dear Major League Soccer,

Please rescind the ban on the Iron Front logo.

Please rephrase “political” in the CoC to be more specific, in alignment with your stated positions regarding tolerance and diversity.

Please recognize that the Rainbow Pride flag has had a nearly identical message as the Iron Front emblem. You have vociferously supported the LGBTQ community using their “political” imagery. To ban the Iron Front and other anti-fascist statements is hypocritical.

I’m a nine-year season ticket holder. Please show me that your organization deserves my support for a tenth year, before Sept 27.

Thank you,

-Ross Olson

#NDEW2019 A Plug-in Hybrid Electric…

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#NDEW2019 A Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is great for people who can’t install a charger at home, but can… https://t.co/tdslIAsWIf


@jensimmons Make sure to explain…

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@jensimmons Make sure to explain the reasons WHY so that we can apply it in specific situations. Why browsers work… https://t.co/bd3Ozrvigx