@futureinmindd @Coach_BrettB Be sure to…

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@futureinmindd @Coach_BrettB Be sure to include citations as applicable.

RT @histoftech: If you’re tired…

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If you’re tired of scrolling don’t click this?




A remarkable read for Portland…

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A remarkable read for Portland folks: https://t.co/ZhR1VWOAKT


@rochemer Thoughts? https://t.co/ohNhek7zFd

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@rochemer Thoughts? https://t.co/ohNhek7zFd


@shawnlevy @Powells The authors’ signings…

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@shawnlevy @Powells The authors’ signings must have been hell.

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This is what I think of every time someone smugly posts about all the plot holes they spotted in a popular film/TV… https://t.co/0t3xU4W9te


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RT @rossolson: Good day to remind myself of historical trends that no “administration” can stop: https://t.co/IBhVvDfwVt

@nickf @mayli Check for the…

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@nickf @mayli Check for the company’s fiscal calendar. That window of opportunity changes if the fiscal calendar do… https://t.co/JTRn7jMgYy


RT @briantylercohen: oh my god…

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RT @briantylercohen: oh my god…

oh my god who did this https://t.co/ZI13EfDxw9


@nickf @spydergrrl Modified? I ran…

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@nickf @spydergrrl Modified? I ran that thing stock! It’s still got the original patina. ? To this day no tech tabl… https://t.co/KevbOz4gRN