@PeterSokolowski Thank you for word…

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@PeterSokolowski Thank you for word of the day. This morning‘s clip included the last name of John von Neuman which… https://t.co/aN66wfSKs6


@ShawnKing Nike’s statement on Supply…

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@ShawnKing Nike's statement on Supply Chain practices. I imagine every company that operates in California is subje… https://t.co/I89nebDABE


@twolivesleft @willie I was able…

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@twolivesleft @willie I was able to successfully get a $100 charge reversed after my son purchased a few virtual ca… https://t.co/ICjStlCNkc

@UlyssesSBob I just watched the…

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@UlyssesSBob I just watched the Jack and the Haunted House episode XXXV and wow… that’s scary stuff right there.


@RokerReport @safcfinlay Following The Lads…

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@RokerReport @safcfinlay Following The Lads from 8 time zones away is tough, but Finlay’s enthusiasm and purple pro… https://t.co/nXcfQHQZUO


@treehouse A container element with…

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@treehouse A container element with display:flex is where I’d start.


@kataz_amazon @Stonekettle I read an…

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@kataz_amazon @Stonekettle I read an article recently that noted biodegrade plastics cost a few more cents per poun… https://t.co/B4NliNivwE


@ambrown Not enough! Rebuild Mt.…

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@ambrown Not enough! Rebuild Mt. Mazama!


@mattbc Isn’t true that some…

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@mattbc Isn’t true that some states, like California, have laws that augment and reinforce the ADA with stronger language?

Seems like Weekend At Bernie’s…

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Seems like Weekend At Bernie’s cosplay is getting out of hand. RT @pdxalerts: police to @LloydCenterMall, report of… https://t.co/7LYNwXIxzj