@twd3pdx Was your number ever…

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@twd3pdx Was your number ever assigned to a non-iPhone phone? Sometimes Samsung’s system can forget to release an a… https://t.co/7vI5fHfPSC

@BrentDiskin I much enjoy your…

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@BrentDiskin I much enjoy your propaganda poster style: so dynamic. This season’s abstracts left me… flat. I stil… https://t.co/lceqFG3Ur9

@UlurooSpeaks Please consider adding an…

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@UlurooSpeaks Please consider adding an RSS feed to your weblog. Thanks! If there is one already, please add a meta… https://t.co/Wdumu2nhLl


@atpreferences – 293 – 1:34:30 @siracusa:…

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@atpreferences – 293 – 1:34:30

@siracusa: “I have the big giant Newton book with the typo on the spine.”

That wou… https://t.co/BgfcxZeqqe

RT @CEDRdigital: 4/5 …

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4/5 #WhatToKnow
This national cellular test will also be on your radio and tv on Oct 3rd at 11:18am PDT/2:18pm ED… https://t.co/BuczWTEPSk


@mrBallistic I’m in 203, Row…

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@mrBallistic I’m in 203, Row G, end of the Row. You?


Looking to buy one (1)…

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Looking to buy one (1) TA/GA ticket for Saturday. My PayPal account is ready, are you? (Follow and DM your mail to me.) Thanks! #rctid


@TheMikeDonovan Huh, no one chose…

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@TheMikeDonovan Huh, no one chose a Roman chariot race or the original Greek Olympic Games? Oh, or one of the Aztec… https://t.co/COXnSA1FN1

New avatar right there. https://t.co/B5W2R3Dzn3

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New avatar right there. https://t.co/B5W2R3Dzn3


Tolerance and acceptance for *all*…

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Tolerance and acceptance for *all* — except those who are intolerant and unaccepting. That is not a self-contradict… https://t.co/F2G9cuO7lJ