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For the last time, no that bit of driftwood is not its own country, and no you can not name it Puffinland https://t.co/7Mw2cdpw1T


@splorp I thought you might…

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@splorp I thought you might be interested to see what I pulled out of the back closet this weekend. Original box wi… https://t.co/ykWlXwDjbI


#pdxboom just now in inner…

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#pdxboom just now in inner SE maybe?


@ThisDoesNotComp @soffes The $20 IKEA…

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@ThisDoesNotComp @soffes The $20 IKEA Frekvens Bluetooth speaker sounds fine. It’s a bit tinny but that’s physics f… https://t.co/lN713H77yD

@ThisDoesNotComp @soffes No, I can’t…

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@ThisDoesNotComp @soffes No, I can’t find the name of it other than Frekvens. There are 3 pics of it here:… https://t.co/miW74NHWSM


@soffes @ThisDoesNotComp We just bought…

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@soffes @ThisDoesNotComp We just bought the small Bluetooth speaker. Waiting to get home to hear it.


@ThisDoesNotComp @soffes It could be…

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@ThisDoesNotComp @soffes It could be a big splash for you. I don’t see anyone talking about the fact that these pro… https://t.co/RU7U1Oaph3

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.@tmbg’s “Flood” was released 30 years ago. The promo video for that album has some of the driest, loveable humor.… https://t.co/zW3qwv25ck


@waly_k @cabel Recursed packaging

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@waly_k @cabel Recursed packaging

This holiday season has left…

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This holiday season has left me with two open questions:

1) Is Rudolph actually a GMO? It’s clear that Santa knew… https://t.co/adQYcxbyMW