RT @nprmusic: 18 million retweets…

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18 million retweets and we book it https://t.co/YJixHzPbNC


RT @HandsandVoices: The Best-Kept Secret…

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The Best-Kept Secret For Parents Of Deaf Children https://t.co/XAHqKQZFOp # via @HuffPostEdu


Fuel economy of the Beast…

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Fuel economy of the Beast…

Fuel economy of the Beast https://t.co/mxb4G9hw8A

Sometimes I’m so awesome I…

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Sometimes I’m so awesome I can’t stand myself! Muwah Moi! ??

“We are slaves to manifest…

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“We are slaves to manifest meaning and masters to nothing at all.” -Nick Cave

My name is Ross and…

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My name is Ross and I am funky!

(p.s. my super fantastic wife is bored in the hospital and may have access to my… https://t.co/SVpUbsEkNy


@starenova Like I said: Strongest…

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@starenova Like I said: Strongest Person I’ve Ever Met. We’ll get you thru this, Love.

@TiVo The trip to the…

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@TiVo The trip to the ER.


@99piorg I find it highly…

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@99piorg I find it highly unlikely that any pharmaceutical company printed a 🙂 on a pill. It seems far more likel… https://t.co/W1BkrSRz91


I am the luckiest guy…

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I am the luckiest guy in the world that she said yes AND let me stay with her this long. She’s so incredibly patien… https://t.co/Q98GM3xYca