Successful projects in three acts

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In order to achieve a successful project, delivered on time and on budget, three critical pieces are required from all parties involved:

1. Communication – Open communication is the most critical piece of any project. As situations, issues and unplanned needs arise we expect each team mmber to provide clear feedback and direction when necessary. If a deliverable is not going to be make a set deadline, communication of the status of the deliverable makes it easy to reschedule adjust or rescale other requirements to work within the project.

2. Understanding – Along with open communication, clarity of that communication is necessary. If there are unfamiliar terms or jargon, everyone in the project should be uninhibited in asking for clarification. Such questions can provide insight into emerging issues that may be just over the horizon and help avoid them entirely in the future. Understanding each team members’ strategies, methods, and needs gives the team a solid foundation to work from.

3. Shared Goals – When clear communication and a full understanding of each team members’ roles, needs, and issues are part of a project, it becomes possible for everyone to be on the same page—to have shared goals. Shared goals go beyond the documented requirements and the written schedule. Shared goals are the true north, the compass, the destination of success. When the whole team sees these goals, when everyone knows the direction that the team is headed, everyone can work diligently to accomplish these goals and provide their piece of the efforts that bring success to the team and the project.

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