The Apple Product Cycle

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[…] Pointless outrage slowly turns to pointless optimism. Driven insane by the lack of instant gratification, would-be customers profess their willingness to gun down the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny if it would hasten the arrival of the FedEx delivery person. […]

The Apple Product Cycle


GeekTool Woes

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If you’re getting a weird issue with GeekTool where your little windows won’t show up unless the GeekTools PrefsPane is open, try switching your color depth from Thousands to Millions. Now they show up just fine for me.

I’ve got a little status window that shows me a bunch of neat stuff:

Thu, Nov 04 (13:46)
Uptime: 32 days, 18 hours
Magenta: 10G used, 3.5G left
RiffRaff: 3.6G used, 1.4G left
Ext IP:
Int IP:


Ballooning into the Sky

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I’m not one to be envious. Oh sure, there’s stuff that other people have done that I’d like to get a crack at, but true envy, that’s green-eyed monster never comes out around me.

Well, almost never.

Ballooning into the Sky

If you read the Introduction page and get all the way to the bottom, there’s a link to a They Might Be Giants-powered slide show of most of the images you’ve just scrolled through.

This may very well inspire some dreams over the next few nights…

or years.

Woo Hoo WiFi v1

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C-Net, aka news.com.com, has an article noting a report that says Portland (w/ Vancouver) is the most *unwired* city in America. And yet they don’t even mention PersonalTelco at all! For shame! It looks like the “reporter” simply interviewed the Press Release rather than doing any actual research.


A New Electoral Force

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A woman saw that no one was running for a Soil and Water Conservation District position, so she asked for people to write her in… Through a Portland-oriented LiveJournal group.

Because I can’t stand that empty feeling

Well this should be interesting to watch. Voted in by LiveJournal readers. I’ll have to keep an eye on her journal to find out if she won or not.

(Can you tell I’m voting tonight? Why? Because Oregon Votes!)


Deficit shmeficit

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William Bragg has a post called No words necessary that displays a very readable chart of the federal gov’s Budget deficit since 1992.

Fiscal responsibility? Ha. (Sob.)


Lightning Seeds

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KNRK just played the Lightning Seed’s “Pure”.

This radio station is scary. I like it.


New at ThinkGeek

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I (um… accidently!) clicked on a ThinkGeek banner at Slashdot and ended up finding lots of cool toys, but two that really stood out for me:

First up is this Macally Bluetooth Mini Mouse which might be the closest thing to the Bluetooth mouse I’ve been looking for. It may be too small though. It’s only 3.7″ long as opposed to the 4.3″ long
Pocket Mouse Pro Wireless from Kensington, which IMNSHO is the perfect balance between portable and comfortable. (Come on Kensington, get with the program.)

The other doodad is this USB to PS/2 Adapter which would be cool to have, simply because I keep seeing these cheap old keyboards that look like they’d be cool to try out on my Mac, but they’re all PS/2 port-based, which is a non-starter on my Macs. This specifically says that it’s Mac compatible, so it would be great to have around for this stuff.

Maybe someday. A couple more pieces of crap to add to the wish list, right?


Rapid Electric Movements

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Michael Stipe demands ringtones for electric cars:

The idea came to Stipe when he nearly got totalled by a battery-powered vehicle in Los Angeles. He then experienced a blinding moment of clarity in which “I suddenly thought to myself: ‘This is going to be a big, big problem. People will be run over by electric cars all the time. They make no noise. No sound. They’re silent!”

Stipe quickly rejected the idea that electric jalopies should mimic the sound of a petrol-driven engine on the grounds that it would be “stupid”. “And then it struck me – ringtones,” he says. “People will program their car, as part of the insurance policy that states: ‘Don’t run people over with your silent car’, with ringtones.”

[Did anyone catch the double meaning in the title of this post? Yeah, I thought so.]


National Volcano Service

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This is really pretty cool.

National Weather Service, Portland Oregon

“Mount St. Helens erupts? Just in case, you can follow NOAA’s current projection of ash. Also, the latest mountain data from the US Geologic Survey.”

I’ll take a volcano in the backyard over a hurricane any day of the week.