This morning, my son opened…

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This morning, my son opened his first Netherworld portal. So proud! #minecraft


Oh yeah, I totally get…

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Oh yeah, I totally get all that deployment pipeline stuff. Nice work! https://t.co/VNfOq3tKXS


RT @starenova: Buying new car…

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Buying new car and wondering how many people have died of old age in car dealerships.

Every time we think we’re do… https://t.co/eLcbdeZhfy


@TheMikeDonovan Do your Portland “All…

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@TheMikeDonovan Do your Portland “All Time” stats include the late 80’s F.C. Portland?

@TheMikeDonovan @opencup Any idea how…

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@TheMikeDonovan @opencup Any idea how Seattle’s 105 matches vs PTFC ranks against their other opponents?


@ehurtley Look very closely. There…

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@ehurtley Look very closely. There are small green stickers noting the recycling and small red stickers noting the… https://t.co/33UoNixTsW

@ThornsFC Wait did you just…

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@ThornsFC Wait did you just crank it again for halftime? Seriously? Maybe the announcer can modulate their voice a bit?

@ThornsFC East side announcement volume…

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@ThornsFC East side announcement volume much better. Thanks!

@ThornsFC the announcements are painfully…

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@ThornsFC the announcements are painfully loud in the 2deck, east side. Can you turn it down?


@LukeBowyer7 @starenova @shebainpdx Follow me…

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@LukeBowyer7 @starenova @shebainpdx Follow me and dm your email address.