@NewPDXCarpet have you talked with…

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@NewPDXCarpet have you talked with @PortlandFence yet? I bet you could could have a great discussion about working with crowds.

@theadclub @DeeshaDyer @CarolLeonnig @washingtonpost @deeshaDyer…

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@theadclub @DeeshaDyer @CarolLeonnig @washingtonpost @deeshaDyer knows from what. Listen to her!

RT @albinokid: This. https://t.co/X6QBWIhBRk

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RT @albinokid: This. https://t.co/X6QBWIhBRk

This. https://t.co/X6QBWIhBRk


@EvelKneidel TLDR: “We’re sad re:…

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@EvelKneidel TLDR: "We're sad re: murder racists. Here's our lecture. Black boys are being killed. Those founding f… https://t.co/pg1T4EcaR0

@TwitterSupport Do you realize that…

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@TwitterSupport Do you realize that your job application system is completely inaccessible to visually impaired can… https://t.co/vWSEQKP0Oo

@Milo_Reed “Milo: This man is…

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@Milo_Reed "Milo: This man is the future." You're the present, too. Would you prefer changing, replacing, or removi… https://t.co/QzdtL7urcj


@bhenick I’ve been swallowed whole…

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@bhenick I’ve been swallowed whole by 2020. I think you’re seeing a vision of me from across the belly of this vici… https://t.co/XNqzSJOjVh


Some commentary I’ve read makes…

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Some commentary I’ve read makes it sound like every person involved in these protest/riots have all been using the… https://t.co/CzmCmKnCMh


@keremfndk @cnni Yes, the copy…

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@keremfndk @cnni Yes, the copy notes this is just 1% of the the total lost, so far.


@MerriamWebster If ‘woman’ didn’t come…

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@MerriamWebster If 'woman' didn't come from 'man' etymologically speaking, then what other apparent associations are popularly erroneous?