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This is great. JIF partnered with Giphy to create special edition GIF peanut butter https://t.co/PmZ7NsMqLF

Now av… https://t.co/MTbNxY7ZZY

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I’ve been full of great ideas this week. Improving the coverage of women’s sports isn’t hard, it just takes a modic… https://t.co/qmXZcqQhau


@NWSL you may want to…

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@NWSL you may want to rethink how you use modal pop ups on your main landing page. This can’t be dismissed and can’… https://t.co/NLMQY7PsQL


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@NWCTweets Your Jungle Book is amazing!

Jungle Book performance at NW…

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Jungle Book performance at NW…

Jungle Book performance at NW Childrens Theater. https://t.co/aOr7gpm218


@OvercastFM Each time I launched,…

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@OvercastFM Each time I launched, the screen would freeze. Occasionally after force quitting and relaunching, the “… https://t.co/hdKCWTHcLX

@OvercastFM The latest 60 Second…

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@OvercastFM The latest 60 Second Science from scientific American podcast (something about industrial revolution po… https://t.co/8APxSPMpRO


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@ontojenesis @timmybabbles Consider putting these things on a shared online doc to annotate and make notes about.


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@PdxCowbell (Slowly raises hand…)


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Break a world record. Then inspire the next generation to beat it.
@sincy12 nets number 185 – more international… https://t.co/k4AFCLC3EG