@ontojenesis It was all a…

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@ontojenesis It was all a ‘make-work’ scam to fill the pockets of fat cat engravers! Down with Big Tiny Engraving!


A meal whose name gets…

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A meal whose name gets better with every word: BBQ Pork Tots Casserole. Good stadium fare. Well done @TimbersFC #rctid


@nickf Welcome Luka! I see…

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@nickf Welcome Luka! I see you got your dad’s sense of content grouping and semantic structure!

RT @starenova: Our evening hijinks.…

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Our evening hijinks. For some reason we couldn’t get kitty to smile but we did discover that if you squeeze him har… https://t.co/5Hq4fPzmV7


RT @xolotl: Y’all on twitter…

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Y’all on twitter know that a favorite is like an air kiss, but a retweet is like a firm handshake or good hug that… https://t.co/UyIqsVmAJx

@rdpollard Neither would I, but…

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@rdpollard Neither would I, but the 8yo saw my eyes open and it was all over.


RT @starenova: Ready for the…

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RT @starenova: Ready for the…

Ready for the match in his spiffy new jersey! ? https://t.co/FXPa4t7HgV


@IKEA_Portland @TimbersFC How about a…

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@IKEA_Portland @TimbersFC How about a promotion? Is Sam the Swede scores a hat trick Timbers Fans get 3 meatballs at IKEA? #rctid


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Bet is on…. if I get 10,000 retweets, I'll play a game with a bow in my hair like @HayleyRaso. No way it happens.… https://t.co/7GIHGhy8E4


@SoccerMadeinPDX @richardfarley I would like…

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@SoccerMadeinPDX @richardfarley I would like to hear more hazing of new hosts.