Tolerance and acceptance for *all*…

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Tolerance and acceptance for *all* — except those who are intolerant and unaccepting. That is not a self-contradict… https://t.co/F2G9cuO7lJ

I will wear her jersey…

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I will wear her jersey any chance I get. #forever https://t.co/pgUBccKthC


My tweetbot has finally gained…

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My tweetbot has finally gained sentience and might be moving to Europe. RT @bizideabot: Erotic Europe is cheaper th… https://t.co/3ptM1e4FJO

RT @LossThief: It’s still wild…

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It's still wild that The Addams Family made its entire premise to be the opposite inverse of every other sitcom, an… https://t.co/GyzrEoniHv

@timbersarmy Just donated a pair.…

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@timbersarmy Just donated a pair. I hope they go to good use. #rctid


@richardfarley One more “restored his…

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@richardfarley One more “restored his team to contenders’ status, once _move_.”

@richardfarley (Typo in Thorns story:…

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@richardfarley (Typo in Thorns story: “Remember that when you should up to Providence Park on Saturday”)

This is the best thing…

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This is the best thing you will read this month. So much joys. https://t.co/Num2hA6GKm #baonpdx https://t.co/geEbsvijT1


@Coach_BrettB Please post a follow…

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@Coach_BrettB Please post a follow up photo when/if you can, after the storm.


@gruber Apple’s site has a…

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@gruber Apple’s site has a lowercase “s” sometimes and a small-caps “s” other times for the “tennis”. Do you think… https://t.co/eYGc21eFsp